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Sunday 5/3/2023
SINNERS are now the official SteelSeries partnered team!
Thursday 9/2/2023
We are releasing Clash of THE SINNERS
Wednesday 23/11/2022
forsyy is now transfer-listed, oskar becomes the team's new fifth player
Thursday 15/9/2022
Rockstar Energy is a new official partner of SINNERS Esports!
Monday 8/8/2022
New member of the SINdicate! ASUS ROG becomes main partner of #SINLOL
Friday 15/7/2022
Patrik ˝Zero˝ Žúdel has Sinned and completed our CS:GO lineup
Friday 27/5/2022
NEOGRAG joined OG Esports
Monday 4/4/2022
New era of SINNERS Esports Merchandise has begun! We are proud to announce that we are joining forces with Sport Fotbal.
Wednesday 12/1/2022
The biggest transfer of Czechoslovak esports history!
Tuesday 30/11/2021
Sinners Esports to launch NFTs and Fan Token on Blocksport platform
Wednesday 22/9/2021
Sinners enter FIFA, Cristy joins!
Monday 16/8/2021
Sazka Esport becomes a main partner of Sinners Esport
Thursday 1/7/2021
Rewrite the history! Sinners are the first Czech team in ESL Pro League
Tuesday 1/6/2021
tomkeejs takes over the CS:GO team as a coach
Monday 10/5/2021
Cooperation with Fitcann company!
Thursday 29/4/2021
Our League of Legends team is complete again!
Friday 19/3/2021
We parted ways with Ketubor
Friday 5/2/2021
Dugaid is a Sinner!
Tuesday 2/2/2021
Become a member of the official Sinners Fan Club!
Monday 1/2/2021
Sinners announces a new partner, it is Smarty!
Wednesday 27/1/2021
GetGear is the new official peripheral partner of Sinners Esports!
Saturday 12/12/2020
Ketubor is training a team from Australia, praising the arrival of oskar and getting ready for Vémola!
Sunday 6/12/2020
Pokrovac will fight for the European title in LoR!
Tuesday 1/12/2020
Oskar is a Sinner!
Tuesday 24/11/2020
We are champions! We won the Czech championship and we are celebrating a perfect season
Friday 13/11/2020
Sinners store updated with hot products!
Saturday 7/11/2020
Pokrovac is captain of Czech republic on LoR Masters
Thursday 22/10/2020
Red Bull the official Energy Drink of the Esports Park Liberec
Tuesday 6/10/2020
Cooperation with GetGear is here!
Friday 2/10/2020
The long awaited fan app is here! Download it now and be a real Sinner!
Tuesday 18/8/2020
Blocksport signed up Czech Esports organization SINNERS
Wednesday 22/7/2020
A FORTUNA-te Opportunity
Saturday 18/7/2020
DeeThane has SINNED
Friday 17/4/2020
SINNERS Esports – A Vision Brought to Life
Friday 17/4/2020
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