Our Gaming House in Liberec will be newly available for booking! We have decided to offer the space to other teams, even to you, players who just want to play for fun with friends! Simply fill out our registration form, tick the days that suit you and send it. We will resolve the details with you in a subsequent communication via email.

We also offer you the opportunity to sleep in our hotel or hostel. The price for one day of the bootcamp is CZK 5,000. If you rent a bootcamp for the whole weekend from Friday to Sunday, the price will be CZK 12,000. The maximum number of people is 10.

6x PC
  • - Ryzen 5 5600X
  • - RTX 2070 SUPER
  • - 240hz monitor
  • - Hotel
  • - Hostel
  • - In area
  • - DámeJídlo, Wolt (apps)
  • - Restaurants nearby
  • - On demand
Other services
  • - Bowling
  • - Fitness
  • - Badminton


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Jun 2023